You're my friend and yes, it's true
that there's no one other than you
to break the walls in my heart
and give my life quite a start.

Our bond of friendship is not that strong
that's because we haven't known each other long
But you taught me things I'd have never known
and wouldn't have figured out on my own.

But why does this hurt so much -
this feeling that came to me in a rush
you, being more than a friend, is what I see,
and that, I know, should not be.

Two separate worlds from where we came
Meeting each other, to fate I blame
'Cos such a thing I'm feeling right now,
to deal with it, I don't know how.

When you have troubles, to me you turn
and in my eyes, the tears will burn
because I know that I'll always do
anything and everything you ask me to

It's hurting me, do you not know
that what I'm feeling has become such a blow
to my life that was once lonely and cold
and knew no love 'cos it's only for the bold.

So I gave everything and I did my best
to change myself, and that became a test.
A test for me if I know what's inside -
inside of myself that I can never hide.

So I changed myself and -grow up- I tried,
but then I felt that a part of me has died.
My soul feels like it has been torn apart
as though I have been shot at the heart.

It hurts so much and I try to forget
this thing I feel but do not regret.
But as I think about what I should do,
it reminds me more that what I'm feeling is true.

Now listen to this so I can get over with.
Good or bad, I know not what kind of deed.
But on doing this, I may find peace -
so just one last thing, pay attention to this:

"I love you" is what I wish to say -
but words are not enough to keep this feeling at bay.
But I know that there's no other thing to do
'cos I know, though it hurts, I'll always love you.


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