Remembering the time when we're together
In a love, I thought, will last forever
But then there came a day
When you had to go away

I watched your back as you leave
Wondering how I can ever live
Without you and your love that's so real
Do you even know how I feel?

I think of you every now and then
Wondering when I will see you again
Do you know that I can't live without you?
Do you feel the same way as I do?

So many questions enter my mind
and I just feel so left behind.
So lost and confused I still live on
just wishing that you've never gone

But then there are other things to be done
than wonder what might have been if you haven't gone.
Realizing that you're not here anymore -
as you have already gone through that door.

Letting go is a hard thing to do
and it just gets harder and harder as I think it through.
But still, I should let you go and move on
and let the feelings in my heart be gone.

So, farewell to you my friend and love.
I'll just leave all to the heavens above.
whatever might happen, I just don't know.
But here's the thing - I'm letting you go.


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