With half-closed eyes I write this down
with a tired mind and a little frown
But as I go on, remembering the day,
it's not really bad - it's just quite gray.
Black and white combined makes gray
And that's just how I describe the day
So now, without so much as a frown,
with half-open eyes I write this down.
yeah, I know that the poetry sucks.(hey, I'm tired. Don't blame me for expressing myself. grr..) Anyhow, I've just arrived home from Manila after a week-long stay. Okay, so it wasn't a week. 5 days, I think. Heck, I'm surprised I can still think at this rate. hmph.

Well, I attended the Music for the People workshops in St. Scho for.. *sigh* don't make me count the days. Anyhow, I'm really thankful for all the people who made this happen. These things are quite rare here in the Philippines. *sigh*. Methinks we're lacking exposure.. but then again.. maybe it's just me. ^^;

Well, here are the performers and facilitators of the workshops. They're all very, very nice, friendly, and really, really great performers and teachers.

William Harvey, violin
Nicholas DiEugenio, violin
Elizabeth Weisser, violin
Maiya Papach, viola
Chris Gross, cello
Becky Lu, piano
Hmm.. now, about my gray day. Well, it's just gray as all my days have been ever since... well, just ever since this period of depression. Looking at the bright side, I learned a lot from the workshops, and well, the workshops just hammered some things that Ma'am Mich has taught me before, like those practice tips and some of the alexander technique. She was like at the back of the room, watching over her babies(all those 3 violists, David, Chrissie, and Albert, and me, her only violin student in the College of Music).
And about the Elgar Serenade for Strings... I'm really disappointed in myself. I could have done better, but I don't really know.. I didn't? I was tried, and my brain and body isn't functioning well. Okay, so it's my fault for going to those Mall trips until those wee hours of the night, and tiring myself completely. I'm usually used to staying up really late, but it's usually in front of the computer or a book or a notebook. *sigh* I'm the worst-disciplined person in this world.
Ooh, by the way, I'm just typing this down so I won't forget thie. (I'm feeling to lazy to get hold of the pencil).At the opening concert of the MFTP, during one piece whice I can't remember, an image popped into my head. I think I'm gonna use this for a sketch or digitalart.
A girl with her head tilted down. The eyes are blank and her face are shadowed by her hair. Tears and blood are runnining down her cheeks and onto her neck. There's a stitched cut (well, the stitch became undone) on her left chest, right about the heart. Her right are is in front of her, holding a heart. The left hand is.. well, I dunno the position yet, but the write should be seen and there should be a cut on both wrists, and, uh, blood dripping. I'm still deciding whether she'll hold a knife and wheter she'll be wearing some clothes, or that it'll be just her hair and her arms that will be covering her upper body.
Okay, that was scary. I'm certain that the image didn't come to my head during the Ives quartets, so.. I don't know.. I look for the program later...
Ooh.. another reminder to self.. Lizette's story! I wish I've got more brains so I can write that story.. haha.. I'm still drafting.. Hope it'll come out good. By the way, thanks so much to Lizette and her hospitality. hehe. She let me stay in her condo, just a block away from St. Scho. Thanks thanks thanks, friend!!

Anyhow, I'll be going back to Manila on Wednesday so I can register for my classes in UP. The University of 'Pila', er.. The University of the Philippines. Pila. Pila. Hmph. All those long lines in front of all the offices. *sob* feet. hurt. sun. too. hot. need. lots. of. water. urrgh. I'm taking fencing for my PE.. yay! As for the Music Theory.. I have to improve my dictation. ='/ And I have to be disciplined.
And then, I'll be going back to Lipa City on Thursday maybe.. Hopefully, I'll be finished with the whole registration process by that time.

Oh well, I'm going to miss St. Scho, and the facilitators..

It's amazing how fast time passes by... It just seemed yesterday when I was an incoming college freshman(er, freshwoman?), auditioning to be a violin major. heck, it only seemed a few months ago when I started playing the violin. Ooh.. memorieeees... I was only fourteen back then... *sigh* it was >already<>

Oh well, I'll remind myself that I should get that La Folia sonata by Corelli from Ma'am Mich. She's still searching for the original version. I'm wondering why she's giving me that sonata, though. La Folia. I mean, was her decision influenced by my personality? I think 'La Folia's literal translation is something kinda like, 'going crazy'. I guess that means I'm crazy.

Oh well. My eyes can't stay open any longer.


oh yeah, I forgot to mention that those series of stanzas which can before this blog, were written by me around September 2005. If you comine all five, you'll know for whom this poem is for. anyhow. I've let go of that emotion already.

Okay, that didn't really make any sense.. sigh.



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