Labor Day

Pasig Ferry. Divisoria. Iron Man.

the pics:

We started the day at 6pm, and finished around 10pm.
Took the MRT going to Guadalupe, then boarded the ferry from there up to Escolta.
And then we took the jeepney to Divisoria..

It's my first time going to Divisoria, and well we were mainly at 168, and so we had some trouble haggling over the stuff we wanted to buy.

We are not good hagglers. haha. The first time Ralph and I tried haggling was around two years ago(2005) at a night market in Bangkok.. It was quite fun back then, and a lot different from what we experienced in Divisoria.

Going around was so tiring, and I'm not the type who likes crowds. Or well, maybe I just don't like shopping that much.

We got lost when we were finding the Recto LRT2 Station, and we just felt so harrassed.
Shortly after arriving at the dorm, we decided to watch Iron Man. And so, we're off to Eastwood.

Speaking of Iron Man, I'm now recommending people to watch it. I'm no comics or superheroes fanatic, but this movie kept my interest. I only encountered Iron Man when I was playing a certain Alliance game on Ralph's PSP.. Well, it's a thumbs-up for me for this movie.

Bumabagsak ang langit ngayon. It's raining so hard tonight... I wonder what happened to summer. I really wish that I'll have some time to go to the beach..

Oh well. It was tiring day. But it was fun and very memorable. It felt really good to take a break from my classes. >sigh< And speaking of classes... Back to reality.. Back to my French class tomorrow morning. snf.


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