Happy Birthday, Ralph

To my best friend, advisor, confidante and conscience;
my better half, the one who fills up what I cannot - those empty spaces in my being;
my guardian, protector, mentor, and student;
my darling love, my baby, my honey, my bun and teddy;
To YOU - my all, my everything and more.
I am also yours.
For your warmth, your comfort, the embrace of your arms and lips.
For the smile in your eyes and the laughter from your mouth.
For your hands and mind that I greatly adore.
For your heart and being that of which I cannot live without.
For YOU - my love.
I thank you.
I thank God, and all the people involved in bringing you into this world.

Happy birthday, Ralph. 
Cheers to this 24th year of your life in this world. 
To infinity, to eternity and to God.
To our friends and loved ones.
To us.

You're my best.


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