2010. i. am. will. be. start. now.

I was actually planning to blog around noon time, but blogging using a mobile device ain't easy..
Well, it started when I was reading the footnotes of the calendar pages from my Belle de Jour Power Planner.. And, well, the footnotes contained the compiled resolutions of different women.

It's amazing how different people with different lives end up writing [almost] the same resolution.

And they all start like this:
This year I will...
This year I am...
This year I will be...
This year I will start...

Before, I did not write resolutions - or even think about them piece-by-piece, for that matter. Before, new year's resolution lists were just papers that I wrote that ended up being ignored inside my drawer. Now, they are just yellow-ish pieces of paper in a box or a dump somewhere.. Simply said, I didn't believe in resolutions that much.

But when I read these tiny notes, I was touched. Corny, I know. I was laughing at myself for tearing up when I read some of those resolutions. I tried passing it out as PMS, but to heck with it. :) Well, I don't think I was actually tearing up regarding other women's resolutions, but I think I'm actually touched by their hope, their courage to dream, and the big goals that they've set.

So here I am, staring at this vision board that I made a year ago.. I don't know if I'm going to make a new one, or if I'm just going to paste some stuff over the other.
Hmm. Looking at it, I realize that I got at least half of what I put on my vision board. And I'm very thankful to God for enabling me to procure them.

So about the resolutions, I was thinking about them for hours and hours because I don't want to make a long list. Ralph promised me that we'll make a bucket list later this week, and THAT is the list that's going to be very long. :) :)

On to my resolutions..
I will not use the term "this year" because it gives me the feeling, like, after this year, I'll go back to my old habits and stuff.. haha.
Well, here goes,

Now, I WILL..

Be a better person inside and out, in every way that I can be - as a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, as a significant other, as a student, as a violinist, and most of all, as a child of God...

Take total control of myself and will never let anyone else make me feel bad about myself.

Be my worst critic and greatest fan.


Well, I will be posting my own bucket list on another blog, which I will edit from time to time. :) :) :)

Oh yes, here are some self-imposed rules. SMILE and THINK POSITIVE!

Well, this is a tad late, but still...
HAPPY 2010!

Hello to you 2010, so far, you're okay but I believe you will be GREAT.
I can't wait to see what you have in store for me, but I will enjoy every moment that passes by.

Joie de vivre, everyone.


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